3 things to consider with your Bar Design

Designing a bar may seem simple to some people but when you consider that there are companies such as  Dawnvale

who specialise in doing the job it can seem a little more intimidating. Although they are not exhaustive by any means here are three simple things to consider before committing to a bar design of any sort:


It may be the last thing some one wants to consider when approaching their dream of designing and building a bar, whether it’s for a commercial business like a restaurant or hotel or as an addition to a home, but budget is absolutely crucial. The overall cost of the bar is ultimately going to dictate so much of its design and nature that it should be at the top of anyone’s list at the outset. For one thing there is such a wealth of materials, equipment and accessories that can be used to create a bar, choosing from them can be overwhelming; setting a budget will help people to focus down and start to make choices from what is available. In this way a budget can help reduce the options and therefore the number of difficult choices that have to be made as well as help make an overall design work.

Overall theme and design

Any bar, anywhere, should have an overall theme and design to pull it all together. A bar that is made from whatever materials are lying around and an eclectic mixture of fittings and equipment will look just like that. It can also prove more expensive than a planned designed approach will produce. For any commercial enterprise a themed approach is absolutely essential. It down’s matter whether the theme is simple and even basic, or elegant and complex; so long as it presents an overall theme and is functional. Theme will help to organise and make a bar more functional and therefore work better.

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Functionality and versatility

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how great a bar looks and how much of a bargain it might have been after all costs have been met; if it isn’t fit for purpose, if it doesn’t work as a place where people can relax and be comfortable as they enjoy a drink, it isn’t going to be a success. The functionality of any bar design will depend upon everything being brought together in a way that works. Décor is fine but it shouldn’t interfere with the business of preparing and serving guests. Great looking bars and seating should not result in those using them being uncomfortable. Moody lighting should allow those preparing drinks and serving them to do so without problems and those who drink them to feel comfortable. All of the equipment chosen should work well and be reliable and of course safe. Versatility is another element that needs to be built into the overall design. If the bar needs to expand, shrink or even be moved it should not present major problems.