Tips for Mess-Free Finger Foods

Finger foods make it easier for guests to mingle while they snack. It is an effortless way to make a cocktail-style dinner party more casual and comfortable, and finger foods allow the host to socialize rather than spend the night in the kitchen working on the next course. Here are five tips for ensuring the party stays fun and mess-free.

Include All Courses

Food associated with a full course meal helps to turn a cocktail party into a dinner party. Make certain there is a variety of items available so all guests have enough options to enjoy a full meal.

Avoid Excessive Silverware

The goal is to get people mingling, but they are less likely to do so if they need to carry silverware along with their drink and plate. Choose foods that are easy to serve on picks, like cheese cubes, meatballs, or satay. It is possible to even skewer pot stickers or egg rolls if desired. Choose unique, but easy-to-eat finger foods like lettuce cups with a variety of fillings, deviled eggs, and tortilla-wrapped chicken flautas.

Make Ready Food

Cheese spreads and crackers force people to stand at a table and coat the crackers. Instead, make cheese truffles. The bite-sized cheese balls are mess-free to hold and are easy to toss quickly on a plate with crackers or bread. Also include bite-sized desserts like small cookies, cheesecake bites, and cream puffs.

Include Some Sauces

Place a variety of sauces and dips in small disposable cups along with the foods that pair best with them. This makes it easy to serve flavorful food and for guests to custom dip as they choose. It also prevents their plates from building up a layer of sticky, messy sauces.

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Keep Napkins Handy

Keep plenty of napkins where the guests gather to socialize, not just on the food tables. This ensures they can find one when needed. Place trashcans discreetly around the entertaining areas to avoid the risk of balled-up napkins left behind.

Most people prefer a banquet table of small finger foods rather than large servings of any one dish. They get to sample more textures and tastes, and conversation is easier. Make the party An Alli Event by using the best recipes for foods that are easy to pre-make. Everything will be ready and available as soon as guests arrive.